Relationship Quiz

How healthy is your relationship?

Some examples of abuse are listed below. Have you ever done any of these behaviors or had them done to you?

  • Hiding keys, shoes, clothing, or money so someone cannot leave.
  • ?Lying to or cheating on someone.
  • ?Holding onto someone or holding them down so they cannot walk away.
  • ?Frequently yelling or cursing at the other person.
  • ?Ripping, tearing, or pulling someone?s clothes.
  • ?Abandoning someone in an unsafe place.
  • ?Threatening to break up with someone if they refuse sexual acts or get what they want.
  • ?Threatening or intimidating- making the other person feel scared for themselves or someone they care about.
  • ?Physically forcing someone into sexual behavior.
  • ?Lying to or manipulating? to get?their way.
  • ?Playing mind games to make the other person think they are crazy.
  • ?Sexual acts while one person is too drunk or too high to make a sound decision.
  • ?Forcing someone to watch pornography against their will.
  • ?Holding someone to unattainable standards.
  • ?Put downs, calling names, telling someone they are stupid or ugly.
  • Controlling behavior- telling the other person what to do, what to wear, who to hang out with, etc
  • Being told no one will ever love you like they do.
  • Hitting walls next to someone’s head or showing abuse towards other people or animals

If this is happening in a relationship you know about — do something! Get information & a safety plan!!